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The owners and management of Tru-Pro Products have been developing production of new products in Asia for over 25 years. The company focus through 2002 was on its own patented hand tool designs marketed by Sidewinder Products and sold in 32 countries around the world and in virtually every leading Retailer in the US including Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Advance Auto, Pep Boys and even QVC.

As our reputation for high quality innovative products grew, we became aligned with many of the largest US tool manufacturers. In addition to the Sidewinder brand of specialty hand tools, we developed production of hundreds of hand tools, painterís hand tools and building tools. Many of the products were sold in our Tru-Pro brand and many were sold in the private brand of our customerís around the world including to leading United States manufacturers Hyde, Red Devil, Warner, MAC, Craftsman, Pratt Read, Orcon, Fiskars, Homax, Allway, and Marshalltown.

Through our extensive travel and experience developing production, we have toured and evaluated hundreds of factories and identified many capable and reliable suppliers. During the last eight years our business has evolved into essentially an offshore subcontract producer of customer component parts for US manufacturers. We import all types of cast, forged, machined, extruded, molded and fabricated products in various materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, iron, rubber and plastic.

Our primary function is establishing direct relationships with Chinese factories for our US customers. Our unique experience as a small business developing production throughout the industrialization of China has resulted in numerous strong relationships and the insight to identify appropriate partners based on the parameters of each project, as well as anticipate and avoid potential difficulties that result from the intrinsic difficulties of product development and buying offshore. While price is always important, quality is our first and foremost priority. All production is certified by our staff in Shanghai, China to meet the required material and dimensional specifications, with full traceability on all cast parts.

A member of CTPAT, we provide complete importing services including booking of freight ex-factory, efficient clearance through customs, and delivery to the final destination.

We own six United States patents with other patents pending and foreign patents, and we have licensed numerous other patents. We are sensitive to the critical nature of proprietary rights and confidential information, and we work diligently to insure our customerís rights as our own.






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